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Inspiration and motivation is nice but getting ongoing results and returns on investments is critical.  Your sales team will walk away from The Galvin Group sales training seminar with tools and techniques they will be ready to use that will deliver immediate results to your bottom line.


Our clients continually tell us they don't want new catchy sales jargon. They want the Galvin Group to help their teams differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace. Our tailored sales training and coaching focuses on creating a repeatable sales process which ensures an ongoing return for your customized training. One that allows your sales team to take ownership of conversations, handle objections with ease and ask the right questions which will put them in the best position to support your customers and clients while closing new business.  



Your sales managers will walk away knowing how to support their sales team with people-focused coaching and accountability.  Imagine your salespeople holding themselves accountable and your organization positioned to achieve shortened sales cycles, radical spike in revenue and increased margins. 

Repetition & Scale

Can you imagine what would happen if your sales team woke up each day knowing exactly what they are going to do to accomplish their goals? With the confidence that there is not a sales call, or objection, or presentation, or closing that they are not prepared to tackle? Knowing that they have a leadership team trained to coach and support them to extraordinary success?


Together, we will move from imagining and into reality.

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