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Cut Through The Clutter

Many companies have expensive CRM systems where only a small percentage of the platforms capabilities are ever used and those which are used, seldom reduce costs or increase profitable sales.  The Galvin Group will help you cut through the clutter. We will help you increase customer loyalty, automate your CRM to prioritize more profitable sales, while reducing non-value added sales activities.  

Tangible Increases in Retention and New Business

From the first initial meeting we will work with you to assemble a clear vision for multiple departments along with a plan that will save time and dramatically improve operational efficiency. In addition to setting up basic CRM functions such as fields, formulas, automated workflows, reports, and dashboards we will show you how to use them effectively to achieve tangible increases in customer retention and acquisition. One of the biggest benefits we have found is the increase in teamwork, communication and collaboration that takes place with the right CRM system and processes.

Not Just Any Pipeline

Having the right reports and metrics at your fingertips is only the beginning. We will show you exactly what to focus on to greatly increase your chances of customer and sales success. Have you ever had a pipeline meeting with a salesperson who takes most of the time telling you about all of their opportunities?  Just think about the morale and financial benefits of having usable data which actually allows your managers to support the salesperson with exactly what they need to close the deal based on historical data for customers similar to that prospect.  Just imagine if all of this data were available in a personalized dashboard which lights up when the manager starts their computer?

Not Your Typical CRM Consultant

The Galvin Group is not another consultant that can set up your CRM. We set up a program for success that, when followed with the right training, support and discipline, will dramatically reduce expenses, increase revenues and drop profit to your bottom line. Marketing departments will focus on campaigns with the highest rates of return, Sales departments will have better qualified leads and Customer Service teams will have real-time information available to them while handling a live case.  

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