Leadership & Coaching

One Team

When you chose The Galvin Group as your partner in leadership training and coaching you are going to notice an immediate impact in the following ares:

  • A more cohesive team built upon trust

  • A team that is more open to serve each other, your customers and not just themselves.

  • A shift in managers from "bosses" into mentors and coaches that support people, foster teamwork and set goals for performance accountability 

Together, we will remove politics and silos that drastically reduce communication, collaboration and real results.

Is this easy? No. It takes commitment from the very top of your organization. Growing as a leader and being in a position to coach can be an intense process of self-reflection. We emphasize the importance of setting a safe, trusting environment for every person we work with.

A Winning Culture of Coaching

The Galvin Group can provide:

  1. Individual coaching for your key employees

  2. Training for your managers on how to become coaches and create a coaching culture within your organization.

  3. Teamwork training seminars that will make an impact across your organization and foster a culture of winning together.

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