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Oil & Gas Distributors

Petroleum and Lubricant Marketers are faced with higher historical costs than ever before. To compete, many are choosing to sell their business or lower prices to compete, thus diluting margins in the marketplace. The Galvin Group helps distributors put systems in place to dramatically lower costs to service their customers, acquire new business and increase net profit.

Banking & Financial Services

Banking, Insurance and Asset Management organizations thrive on customer loyalty, customer experience and performance improvement.  Like their sectors we help these institutions market and sell value.  Our leadership and coaching training delivers skill sets to help with change management, mergers, acquisitions and organizational effectiveness.

Real Estate & Mortgage

The ability to obtain referrals, network, and be highly effective with efficient sales processes are often the marks of top-producing Real Estate and Mortgage professional. Our clients have seen great value from our sales training and CRM/Pipeline courses that gives their team members the confidence to move away from the comfortable calls and move towards the profitable calls.

Manufacturing & Industrial

Many times the best manufacturing and industrial industry organizations are only as good as their distribution or dealer network. By partnering sales, marketing and service training from The Galvin Group along with quality products and collateral from the manufacturer, manufacturers and dealers have a recipe for increased revenue and profitability.

We also serve many other industries, feel free to reach out to us for more information.

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