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Full alignment from leadership down is what truly defines organizational success. We help leaders become more inspirational and positioned to serve others and the greater good of the organization through trust, commitment and inclusion. This fosters team commitment, the ability to execute upon strategy and deliver superior performance. More importantly, it instills a rock-solid, sustainable company culture. 


Our consulting services focus on the most critical opportunities for profitability and sustained growth based on your specific needs.  We bring functional expertise and a deep understanding of Sales, Marketing and Service functions with the ability to bring teams from multiple departments together to achieve mutual success.


The Galvin Group will work with you to obtain an in-depth understanding of your customers' needs and the costs to service those customers through superior segmentation and analysis which gets profitable results.  Working together we will radically lower your costs and prioritize customers based upon their impact to your bottom line.  Designing exceptional customer experiences will build trust, loyalty and reduce the cost of reoccurring sales. Also allowing your customers and clients to become your greatest advocates.



While working with your teams we will allow your managers to build a people-focused coaching culture where individuals are shown how to be accountable to themselves, not just to the organization.  This culture will help facilitate how we define call strategies and coaching programs for your leadership team.

The Galvin Group will inspire learning from which your organization can maximize your CRM platform.  We will partner with your teams to structure your CRM data to focus only on the activities that bring the greatest results.  Critical information will be quickly identified from which we will be able to customize your platform for efficient operational improvements. This will not just boost profitable sales but improve your bottom line.  



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