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You have built Sales, Marketing and Customer Service teams with great effort and expense to your organization.  You are getting prepared to lower your costs to acquire and serve customers while increasing customer loyalty and revenue.  You are prepared for defined processes; efficiency and you want to scale for growth. You are prepared for a culture of leadership, a growth mindset and well trained professionals.

It's time to move from "getting prepared" to execution. 

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One Size Never Fits All

Learn more about our tailor-made services that align specifically to your organizational goals.


CRM development

Sales Processes

P&L Analysis

Customer Segmentation

Organizational Structure

Sales Compensation


Sales Training

Sell Value, Not Price

Handling Objections 

Shorten Sales Cycles

Develop & Grow Leads

Sales Psychology

Close Strategic Accounts

Sales Process & Pipeline


Dashboards & Reporting

Defined Sales Stages

Pipeline Management

Automated Workflows

Drip Marketing

Collaboration Platforms


Service & Loyalty 

Account Management

Building Customer Engagement

Service Processes

Customer Profitability

Lower Costs, Increase Service

Service vs. Loyalty


Marketing Automation

Marketing Roles

Sales & Marketing Teamwork

The Customer Journey

ROI Based Marketing

Digital & Direct Marketing

Leadership & Coaching

Conflict Resolution

Create Leaders vs. Bosses

People & Team Engagement

Develop a Coaching Culture

Managing Resistance

Embracing Change

Building Teams & Trust


"After restructuring how we serviced our customers we put seven figures of profit right to the bottom line before any training even occurred. Amazing!"

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  • Top performers achieve as much as 8x more than their peers.

  • 97% of employees and executives believe lack of alignment impacts the outcome of projects.

  • Companies that communicate effectively are 4.5x more likely to retain the best employees.

  • High performing Sales teams are twice as likely to provide ongoing training.

  • Companies spend nearly 80% of their Sales and Service expenses on customers that give them only 20% of the profits.

  • 70% of companies with expensive CRM solutions do not fully adopt them.

  • U.S. Corporations will spend over $70 Billion on Sales training in one year. Most of these companies don't have the proper structure to achieve meaningful results from those training's


Making the decision to use a consultant and provide training to your team is not difficult.  Finding the right partner to achieve long-term profitable results can be a challenge. The Galvin Group understands that your investment must achieve an outstanding return.

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